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Problems are nothing more than opportunities to separate yourself from the competition.

Solving these problems starts with the art of doing, and is furthermore balanced by the art of simplicity.

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Most current channels that are developed for video on demand are done so with entertainment in mind.

Iron Streams can provide entertainment channels as well, but has taken the game to the next level by incorporating the technology into business, education, and community broadcasting services.

We are a one stop shop. We build the video on demand channel, design, and setup all the graphics, establish your categories, and update your videos within 24 hours of the next business day upon request.

We also are able to design and create any particular video that you may need through Iron Knee Video, a business segment of The Partnership Institute.

Iron Streams by Iron Knee Video. If you’re not using video, you’re not advertising.


A private business channel provides a business with the unique opportunity to provide content that can be quickly updated to multiple locations throughout the world.

Content can include sales items, and products for your customers to instruction for your employees.

Imagine a digital menu that can show the steam or hear the sizzle. With the same television you can turn around and provide instruction to your employees regarding the preparation of a new food or sales item.

All you need is a wireless Internet connection to video stream your on demand content. Private business video that needs to be stored on a secured server can be stored on our server up to 2.5 terra bytes per year, which is about 55 hours of video content.

Iron Streams from Iron Knee Video. If you’re not using video. You’re not advertising.


One of the great challenges in distance learning has been the issue of engagement and group study. By providing an education channel for your school, lectures can be reviewed, home work can be explained, and even school events can be posted and viewed anywhere there is a television and an Internet connection.


A Community channel brings the communications of the future to local neighbourhoods today. Video on demand is where the urban area is going, but can be the immediate solution for the rural area. Cities, counties, or even large neighbourhoods that struggle to get their information out to the community will benefit from this product.

The structure for a community channel is created by allowing everyone to become a videographer in the community.

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