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LMS / Content

Your LMS will come with content that every employee should review on an annual basis. It will track your employees from onboarding through special instruction.

Video on Demand

We can provide video on demand television services through our Iron Streams network using Roku technology. Your business or school can have its own TV channel.


A workapedia is digital book created in pdf form that can link to video content. It is an encyclopedia of your entire business and is a great tool for nano instruction.


We can provide explainer videos, video commercials, animated characters, story boarding and more for your educational project. We work with historical associations and museums to bring historical figures from the past back to life.

Video/Edutainment Productions

Through our sister division, Iron Knee Studios, we can produce scenes with actors, scripting, green screen, and more. Our work with edutainment through the Sea of Shows is s the next generation of instruction.

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1. While your employee is working, we will remotely capture their screen activity and convert it to video.

2. We ask the employee to describe their activity and capture the audio through their computer.

3. We take the audio and create a text for step by step procedures.

4. We take the audio and step by step procedures to a script.

5. We take the script and cleanup any discrepancies and then record a new audio using a voice over artist.

6. The final video will be used to create a computer-based training.

7. We will build slides that mimic the steps in the video. The learner will have to enter the correct information in each slide, just as they would with each step, in order to advance to the next slide.

8. The finished product can be placed as an exe file on any computer or can be stored in the cloud and placed in your own learning management system for an additional fee(s).

9. Your employees learn by seeing it, hearing it, reading it and doing it.

10. We are the most cost-effective approach in the business.

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