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Employee collaboration and training ideas to get you to the top.

You’re only as good as your last move, right?

Luckily for us, our last moves have been pretty good ones. Take a look at our  Learning Management System and some of our recent additions.

Here’s what we do, explained

This all sounds great, but who the heck are you?

LMS / Content

Your LMS is ready the first day, loaded with content that every employee should review on an annual basis.


We can produce customized training at a price you can afford. Video, animation, and other engaging tools will train your employees quickly and efficiently.

Information Management

Our system is designed to get you the information you need. Is it a knowledge issue,a skills issue, a process issue or perhaps its  unrealistic expectations. We help to quantify the process.


We can even provide online training assistance with live professional instructors who have been trained on the training needs of your business, coupled with complete training administration.


Our online Ticket System provides a tracking mechanism, Our distance trainers are readily available to get your team up to speed on these tools.  

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Check out our video, and let’s get to know each other a little

EZ Workforce Information and Training Solutions (EZWITS.com)

Formerly, a training system,  EZWITS is now an expanded suite of integrated solutions that work seamlessly together at a cost that is structured around the needs of small business .


Our solutions satellite around  a modern Learning Management System that is extremely easy to use for trainers and students, alike. Use friendly icons and associated EZ Technology Tools  makes for an extremely robust system.

EZ Technology Tools

Technology tools include a Ticket Support System that is used for training, and department requests, and even client  support.

Examples of some of our features include internal instant messaging, discussion boards, dropbox  access,  course glossaries, course wikis, course, user, and exam reports, an more. Best of all it comes preloaded with thousands of dollars of managed content.

Our Experience

Ready, set, go!

The time is now to take that next step for your company, we’re confident we can take your employee training to new heights.

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